How We Can Help You

We want to be your philanthropic partner.

By partnering with the Columbia Valley Community Foundation, professional advisors like you – accountants, lawyers, life insurance agents, financial planners and others – can help your clients fulfill their financial, family and charitable goals.


Founded in 2001, we have provided professional investment management, donor administration and grant-making expertise for charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses, charitable organizations and associations. We currently administer $3.2 million in philanthropic endowed assets.

If you are interested in including charitable giving in your practice, we have a proven resource available through Community Foundations of Canada, that can take the guesswork out of approaching your clients. This resource includes plenty of helpful ‘how to’ advice including:

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Helping You Help Your Clients

Flexibility – your client can establish a fund using a wide variety of assets including cash, appreciated securities and real estate. These assets can be given now, or later, as part of an estate plan.


Private Foundations made Simple –your client might be interested in establishing a private foundation but not want the hassle of the management and regulatory requirements that are mandatory. Columbia Valley Community Foundation can provide an alternative to a private foundation that allows your client all the benefits without the complicated involvement.

Cost-Efficient – Creating a fund with us is considerably less expensive than creating a private foundation. Your clients can take advantage of our effective management at an efficient price.


Giving with impact – We work with your clients and their families to establish and achieve their charitable goals with the biggest impact on them and their causes.

Bringing Philanthropy to Life – by being able to connect philanthropic goals with specific community needs, we can help your client create and support remarkable programs that otherwise would never exist. Your client has the flexibility to be as involved as they’d like.


Connecting Across Generations – by helping your clients and their families to establish an endowed fund with us, you are bringing generations together around philanthropy, now and for the future.


Making a Difference in the Lives of Your Clients – help your clients leave a meaningful legacy in their community.

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