Community Foundation Arts & Culture Endowment Fund

Anonymous Donors to Match Donations
to Columbia Valley Arts & Culture Endowment Fund

We know that a thriving cultural scene is vital to the long-term livability and success of our communities. That’s why the Columbia Valley Arts & Culture Endowment Fund was established. The Columbia Valley Arts & Culture Endowment Fund is a designated, endowed fund that supports the Columbia Valley Arts Council – a local registered charity whose purpose is to foster the growth, awareness and appreciation of the arts in the Columbia Valley.

Columbia Valley Arts & Culture Endowment Fund
Columbia Valley Arts & Culture Endowment Fund

“Pynelogs is the cultural heart of the valley. We may have beautiful mountains but our community would be nothing without arts and culture,” says Baiba and Pat Morrow in support of the fund.

Endowed funds are a great option for donors who wish to give legacy gifts or substantial donations. The Columbia Valley Community Foundation invests the capital, and in the case of a designated fund like the Columbia Valley Arts & Culture Endowment Fund, the income generated goes directly to the beneficiary. This provides stable funding over the long-term without the administrative burden of re-applying annually for funds.


Donations to this fund can be made through the Columbia Valley Community Foundation. Gifts will be gratefully received, well managed and used to support our arts & culture community.

To grow this new fund, two generous donors will match donations to the fund up to $10,000. Additionally, these donations will be matched by the Canadian Cultural Investment Fund; a Canadian Heritage federal program that encourages gifts to arts & culture organization endowment funds to support their long-term stability. As a result of these matching opportunities, a gift of $1 becomes a gift of $3. Donations must be made on or before November 15, 2018.

The fund was established in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Columbia Valley Arts Council. Formally registered in 1976, the Columbia Valley Arts Council grew out of the combined efforts of local artists with representatives of the museum, choir and supporters of the Kootenay Chamber Orchestra, to coordinate all such activities in the Columbia Valley. The Columbia Valley Arts Council resides in Pynelogs; a historic log building on the shores of Lake Windermere.