Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society 

The mandate of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society is the protection of Lake Windermere through monitoring, education, management and stewardship.

Their vision is an ecologically healthy lake with balanced management approaches that support recreation and traditional uses, high fish and wildlife values and economic prosperity in the region.

Thea Rodgers - Invermere, BC
Thea Rodgers - Invermere, BC
Thea Rodgers, program coordinator for Lake Windermere Ambassadors water testing on Lake Windermere.

In 2017, the Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society was successful in obtaining a grant to revitalize their summer and winter stewardship guides for Lake Windermere. The Green Boating Guide is responsible for communicating information about water stewardship and responsible boating activities. The Winter Use Guide promotes responsible use and recreation on the lake, but targets recreational uses while the lake is frozen (such as skating, skiing and walking) 

This grant came from the Community Fund – an open fund used to support a variety of community projects in the Columbia Valley.