Vital signs is about quality of life. What adds to our quality life, what takes away from it and how can we as a community ensure continuous improvement to sustain a positive quality of life in our Valley.

Vital Signs is a community check-up measuring the vitality of our communities and significant trends related to quality of life in the Columbia Valley. The result is a Vital Signs report which provides a comprehensive look at how our community is faring.

Columbia Valley Key Impact Areas

Impact Areas are issues that significantly affect the quality of life for residents of the Columbia Valley. Focus on these 11 areas will provide necessary information for the sustainability and improvement of these key issues with the goal to enhance quality of life in the Valley.


Belonging and Leadership

Civic engagement strengthens community. When we get involved by volunteering, voting and donating, we feel connected to society and to one another.



A healthy and sustainable environment is critical to the well-being of our community.


Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

Income disparities affect health, crime, housing, and prosperity thereby impacting us all. By helping those who need it the most, we all benefit.



Access to safe, stable and affordable housing is one of our most basic human requirements.



Our personal security and that of our loved ones, greatly affects the way we socialize and participate in community life.



A strong and vibrant community provides a wide range of opportunities for stable work and retains a secure labour market for job seekers.


Getting Started

Getting started is related to how well people in the Columbia Valley are able to make important transitions in life. This includes children starting school, young people finding employment after school, starting a family and integrating into the community as a new resident. How well we transition and whether we feel supported during this time can impact our success and ultimately the quality of life in our community.


Health and Wellness

The physical and mental health of our residents contributes to the overall wellbeing of our community. Our health and wellness is impacted by healthy lifestyle choices as well as our economic and social positions, including our sense of belonging.


Getting Around

Transportation systems that provide an affordable, effective, alternative method of getting around our community are important to our society, our economy and our environment.


Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture is one of the most important sectors of community life when it comes to building a sense of belonging. Cultural activities foster economic development and help to ensure that our community is an enriching and vibrant place to live.



Education provides a foundation from which a community can measure prosperity and success. Scholarly accomplishments affect our ability to compete in the workforce and make a better wage.