Steamboat Mountain Music Society 

Community Foundation: Successful Grant Seekers - Steamboat Music Festival

The Steamboat Mountain Music Society organizes the annual Steamboat Mountain Music Festival in Edgewater, BC. This local music festival encourages the appreciation and development of the musical arts in the Columbia Valley by providing performance and educational opportunities to local and regional musicians

Steamboat Music Festival - Perfect Day
Steamboat Music Festival : Waltzing Matildas

The festival has become a three day event. In addition to the main music festival, there is now Friday evening porch parties, encouraging the community to get involved, play and sing. On Sunday, there are free workshops for the public. This year, the workshops included a history of the blues, a song writing session and a guitar chord lesson. 

Steamboat Music Festival - Sunday Workshop
Muse Troupe stilt lessons

In 2017, the Steamboat Mountain Music Society was successful in obtaining a community grant to support the festival. This grant came from the Community Fund – an open fund used to support a variety of community projects in the Columbia Valley.